Message Series Starts Saturday, July 27, 5pm: "Walk, Before We Run..."

     Fall is right around the corner. Before we go back to doing all that needs to be done, come, stroll with us in our new message series: "Walk, Before We Run”, beginning this Saturday, 5:00pm.

     Each Saturday, we will look at a person from Old Testament who can teach us about our walk with God: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob, and Joseph. Our walk with God - if it ain't right, nothing else will be. Come, walk with us, before we start running in the Fall.

     IMPORTANT: Keep an eye out, here, for an announcement about our new day, space, and time - only 5 more Saturdays at the NW Family YMCA!

Weekly Worship, Every Saturday, 5:00pm

Northwest Family YMCA, 1501 Kennerly Rd, Irmo SC 29063

We have Church School for ages 4 – 5th Grade, and Childcare for 3 and under.

We will worship on Saturdays, 5:00pm, from April 20 – August 24


 You can listen to messages and devotions, at the Foundation Church podcast: Apple | Podbean

Come, build your life on the Rock - Jesus Christ!

Every day we are offered ‘materials’ to build our lives with - a career, a marriage, a family, a house, a hobby – you name it. These are good things that God wants us to enjoy. The trouble comes when we expect these good things to do what only God can do. When that happens, we worship them: We try to make them lift eternal weight, and they break under the stress.

When we build on the Rock – Jesus Christ – we build our lives with eternal materials: Worship, prayer, the Word, fellowship, service. Then, the ordinary materials of our lives can get the love and attention they deserve – then, we won’t bend them until they break.

Foundation Church exists for one reason: To equip you to build your life on the Rock – Jesus Christ. We build, not only when we receive from God in worship, prayer, and fellowship, but also when we go and do what he calls us to do.

At the end of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls every disciple to go into the world, and make disciples in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

That means every Christian is a missionary, whether we stay at home, or go abroad. Has anyone ever told you that? If not, they were probably trying to sell you something. We are invited to join God on mission, to establish his Kingdom – the only Kingdom that will stand, at the end of time. Foundation Church promises to equip you to live "on mission" where you live, work, and play.

In the same place in Matthew’s Gospel, it also says that some worshiped Jesus, and some doubted. Doubt is that space where the big questions get a hold of us: “Do science and faith contradict each other? Is there capital “T” Truth? Is the Bible true?” People standing at the edge of belief, want to know how Christians answer these questions. People who believe, want to know how to answer these questions. Foundation Church provides space to ask questions and find answers.

We live in a time when God invites us to return to the foundation: The Way of Jesus Christ. We’ve all tried to build our lives on something other than him. Come, build your life on the Rock.

I want to take the next step.”

Meet with Pastor James: He loves coffee. He loves food. Most of all, he loves to pay for these, and listen to your journey. Let’s find out where you are, and where you’d like to go:

Come to Worship: This is the best way to get a snapshot of who we are. Come, hear the preaching. Sing with us. Pray with us. We’re a new church, so it’s gonna be modest, but that’s cool with us, and we hope it’s cool with you.

Join a Disciple Group: After you get a feel for who we are, and if you want to go deeper, join a disciple group that meets as often as once a week, to share, study the Word, and pray. We have disciple groups for Youth, too!

Come to Sunday School: Do you want Sunday School for your children? We got it. Nursery, too. Are you in place where you want to tackle the big questions? Come with your questions and an open mind. 

Serve: Our call is clear – we are to serve our neighbors in need, without thought of reward. Let’s do that, and give God the glory, as we go. 

Online Giving

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Rev. James F. Cubie Called to Serve as Evangelist


Lake Murray Presbyterian Church is excited to announce that we have called the Rev. James F. Cubie to serve as the evangelist to lead the team that will start the daughter church.   

James is a native of Washington D.C., but has deep roots in the Carolinas: His mother's family is from Wilmington, North Carolina, and his father lives nearby in Bluffton.


James has been married to Tara for fourteen years, and they have a thirteen year old daughter, Lina, and a two year old son, Jack.

James served at Leesburg Presbyterian Church, in Virginia, for the past four years, as their Associate for Discipleship.  His ministry focused on children, youth, young adults and men, in addition to preaching once a month, and pastoral care.

James was assessed positively by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to lead a church plant in late 2013, and since that time, worked with the east coast team that focuses on creating New Worshiping Communities.  

James worked on several teams that developed New Worshiping Communities, in Northern Virginia, and most recently with a team that successfully started a community now officially recognized by the PCUSA and National Capital Presbytery.  

The focus of James' ministry at Leesburg Presbyterian was building disciple teams to do two things: Strengthen disciples in their identity as followers of Jesus, and train them to reach people who would not ordinarily come to church.  

In both of these, James has an excellent track record: Their Sunday morning children's program grew to encompass over ten percent of the church's membership; their youth group tripled in size, with fully one third being youth whose parents did not go to church; and, he created a small groups culture, led by Youth; finally, he started a small groups ministry for adults, that included four groups of between ten and twelve participants, meeting twice a month in homes for fellowship and discipleship.  

James loves to build teams for the Kingdom, and will bring this passion to his work in Dutch Fork, on behalf of Lake Murray.  

James is an excellent preacher and teacher, and taught for The Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington, from 2011-18.  He led several retreats for area churches, and taught seminars on theology and the history of the church.  

James serves on the board of The Fellowship Community (formerly "The Fellowship of Presbyterians" and "Presbyterians for Renewal"), which Lake Murray Presbyterian is a member of, and which connects churches and pastors in the PCUSA through: pastoral accountability, missional practices (the things you do to start a new church), and generous, orthodox theology. 

Pastor James would love to meet with you!

You can email Pastor James at

follow him on Twitter

check out his blog, Foundation and Fire

or, call  (803) 603-6140, to set up a time to talk.

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