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Vision and Mission

Every day we are offered ‘materials’ to build our lives with - a career, a marriage, a family, a house, a hobby – you name it. These are good things that God wants us to enjoy. The trouble comes when we expect these good things to do what only God can do. When that happens, we worship them: We try to make them lift eternal weight, and they break under the stress.

When we build on the Rock – Jesus Christ – we build our lives with eternal materials: Worship, prayer, the Word, fellowship, service. Then, the ordinary materials of our lives can get the love and attention they deserve – then, we won’t bend them until they break.

Do you have questions, and want a place where you can listen, ask, and learn more? 

At the end of the Gospel of Matthew, it says that some worshiped Jesus, and some doubted. Doubt is that space where the big questions get a hold of us: “Do science and faith contradict each other? Is there capital “T” Truth? Is the Bible true?” People standing at the edge of belief, want to know how Christians answer these questions. People who believe, want to know how to answer these questions. Foundation Church provides space to ask questions and find answers.

Do you want to go deeper in your walk with God?

In the same place in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus calls every disciple to go into the world, and make disciples in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Foundation Church will equip you to build your life on the Rock – Jesus Christ. We build, not only when we receive from God in worship, prayer, and fellowship, but also when we go and do what he calls us to do. 

That means every Christian is a missionary, whether we stay at home, or go abroad. Has anyone ever told you that? If not, they were probably trying to sell you something. We are invited to join God on mission, to advance his Kingdom – the only Kingdom that will stand, at the end of time. Foundation Church promises to equip you to live "on mission" where you live, work, and play.

We live in a time when God invites us to return to the foundation: The Way of Jesus Christ. We’ve all tried to build our lives on something other than him. Come, build your life on the Rock - Jesus Christ!

I want to take the next step.”

Meet with Pastor James: He loves coffee. He loves food. Most of all, he loves to pay for these, and listen to your journey. Let’s find out where you are, and where you’d like to go:

Come to Worship: This is the best way to get a snapshot of who we are. Come, hear the preaching. Sing with us. Pray with us. We’re a new church, so it’s gonna be modest, but that’s cool with us, and we hope it’s cool with you.

Join a Disciple Group: After you get a feel for who we are, and if you want to go deeper, join a disciple group that meets as often as once a week, to share, study the Word, and pray. We have disciple groups for Youth, too!

Come to Sunday School: Do you want Sunday School for your children? We got it. Nursery, too. Are you in place where you want to tackle the big questions? Come with your questions and an open mind. 

Serve: Our call is clear – we are to serve our neighbors in need, without thought of reward. Let’s do that, and give God the glory, as we go. 

Where does Foundation Church get its budget from?

We are a church plant of Lake Murray Presbyterian Church and Trinity Presbytery.  By design, the Foundation Church budget and the Lake Murray Presbyterian Church (LMPC) operating budget are separate. A few years ago, LMPC conducted a capital campaign for several things: the creation of the Day School; the Honor Tower; some building and grounds improvements; with the remaining funds going toward the possible formation of a daughter church. Because this is true, the year by year operating budget of LMPC will not be affected in any significant way. Some LMPC members have given specifically for the new church. For 2019, LMPC created a budget line of $10,000 to help Foundation Church. We have received a substantial gift from Eastminster Presbyterian Church: $15,000 a year for three years, beginning in 2019. The Presbytery and PCUSA have also given funds to support the work of the new church. Finally, some members of the Pioneer Team have pledged in 2019 for Foundation Church. 

How long before Foundation Church is financially independent?

From the first day, Foundation Church has worked to become financially independent – it’s part of why we asked our Pioneers to pledge for Foundation Church. In order to be completely independent, we will need to meet basic full-time salary and benefits requirements for Pastor James and Martha Lavigne, in addition to basic operating expenses. New churches are often financially independent in 3-5 years.

When will Foundation Church officially be a “church”?

Usually a church can officially charter with Presbytery – i.e. become a recognized church – when it has north of 100 members/”Settlers” who are giving financially and participating – that number can be smaller, depending on the scale of giving. Our goal is to have 100 members in year three. Right now, we have a substantial Pioneer team: 25, and have had 3 very good first worship services, with an avergage of 50 in attendance. But this does not mean that we’re only 50 people away from being independent. Until that time, Foundation Church is under the oversight of the LMPC Session, and James is supervised by Dr. Sloan.

What is a “Pioneer”? What is a “Settler”? 

A “Pioneer” works 2-3 years with Foundation Church to help it get started. A Pioneer can be a member of Lake Murray Presbyterian who will just pioneer with us, but may not become a “Settler” – a member of the new church in 1-2 year. A Pioneer can “jump in” at any level: Join a Life Group; lead a Life Group; serve on a mission team; help set up and tear down events; help start and sustain Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry;  etc.. 

About Us



Our life together is based on the confessions, and polity of the Presbtyerian Church (USA)

The Fellowship Community


Our core values are informed by The Fellowship Community.

Lake Murray Presbyterian Church and Trinity Presbytery


Until we charter as a church, we are a New Worshiping Community, sponsored by Lake Murray Presbyterian Church and Trinity Presbytery.